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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Flaunt Exquisite Hand Painted Wine Glasses

Hand painted wine glasses make incredible wedding favors and also presents for all events. Be that as it may, delightful and improving wine glasses can be costly. All in all, why not make them at home yourself? Making these glasses is likewise one of the best and connecting with specialty ventures for grown-ups and kids. Likewise, it can be a helpful one as you can make your own particular blessing articles at home, and furthermore dispose of crisscrossed wine glasses.

Painting Wine Glasses At Home

There are different types of wine glasses that you can use for painting. You will require the following things:

  • Wineglasses (type and number according to your choice)
  • 2 ¼ inch flat brushes
  • 1 script liner
  • 1 spongy brush
  • Gloss acrylic enamel paint colors of your choice (meant for glass painting)
  • 1 Styrofoam plate
  • Paper towels and container to wash brush


  • Firstly, wash the wineglasses clean and pat them dry completely.
  • Now with a sponge, put a very thin layer of enamel surface conditioner and let it dry completely.
  • There are two methods of making designs on wine glasses. Firstly, you can make a stencil of the design on a butter or wax paper. Cut the paper according to the design. Now put the stencil directly on the glass and color according to the design. Let it dry and then remove the paper.
  • Secondly, you can select your design and practice on a paper directly with colors until you gain perfection. Once done, you can directly paint on the wine glasses and let it dry.
  • Both the methods are equally simple.
  • The flat brushes are used for painting larger designs, and the script liner for drawing and painting the fine lines.
  • Once done with the drawing and painting, let the glasses dry for 24-40 hours.
  • Now you will need to bake the glass so that the color sets completely.
  • Place the colored glass in the oven, heat the oven to 325 degrees F and bake for 5-10 minutes.
  • Turn the oven off and allow the glass to cool inside the oven. (do not take the glasses out with bare hands, they will be very hot)
  • Once the glass is cooled completely, you are done. Your homemade painted wine glasses are ready!

Design Ideas

The following are some design options that you can consider for making decorated wine glasses.

  • Floral patterns, flowers, and leaves, buds, etc.
  • Fish, aquarium, reef
  • Stars, dots, hearts, smiley
  • Names, initials, short quotes
  • Fruits like grapes, oranges, etc.

Stem wine glasses, stemless wine glasses as well as German wine glasses, etc., can be used for making these favors. You can fill these hand painted glasses with chocolates, candies, or other goodies when gifting them as favors. Remember that these glasses should always be cleaned with a mild detergent and by hand. Do not put them into dishwasher.

So what are you waiting for, collect those extra unused wine glasses from your pantry and decorate them to gift your best friends something creative and unique.

Paint Effortlessly on Glass

What number of us have seen hand painted wine glasses and jugs and thought, ‘I wanna do that sometime in the not so distant future’. All things considered, now is the ideal time. Be that as it may, painting is one of my undisputed top choice diversions. Thus, the article. In this article we should perceive how to paint on glass with acrylic paint and make some acrylic artistic creations. Utilizing these straightforward and simple strides, you can likewise figure out how to paint on windows, adornments, containers and the sort. Painting on glass isn’t any not the same as painting on paper, only somewhat more perplexing as far as fixation. Give us now a chance to continue to the means required in painting on glass and see some glass painting systems.

Materials You Will Need
Sheet of Glass (any size)
Acrylic Paint Colors
Paint Brushes (2-3 sizes)
Glass Liners
Nail Paint Remover
Cloth with Soft Texture
Procedure You Need to Follow


The Pattern
The first thing you need to do is choose a pattern for your glass painting. Choose glass painting patterns that are not too intricate and don’t have many overlapping and complex curves. This will help you paint faster and better. Mosaic designs and patterns look really nice on glass paintings.
Draw this design on a piece of plain paper. This piece of paper should be the same size as your glass sheet. Leaving borders may prove to be more helpful. Draw the design clearly and boldly.
Now, keep this paper below your glass sheet. Looking at the design below, draw the same outline on the glass sheet using glass liners. These glass liners have to be black, preferably or white.

The Base
When you are drawing the designs on the glass sheet, see to it that you press the tube from the bottom. This will help you in not smudging the painting. It will make sure that the lines come out finer. Hold the same grip throughout.
Just in case the liner does get smudged, take some nail paint remover on a cloth and clean it slowly, with a light hand. After you have cleaned the smudged part, clean it again with a clean ‘dry’ cloth this time.
Now, you are done with the outlining completely. Check if anything needs to be redone or done better. After this, stop for sometime and let the liners dry. Ideally, you should be leaving it to dry for at least 2-3 hours.

The Colors
Now that you are done with the outlining completely, start applying the colors. Make sure the consistency of these colors is equal for all and it easy to spread in one go. Use many colors for the painting, if you’re a beginner.
Start painting in one direction. For example, if your painting strokes are from left to right, then make sure they remain like that for the entire painting. This will give uniformity to your painting. Don’t take too much paint at a time on the brush.

Another glass painting idea is to lift the painting now and then and check. After every few parts, lift the glass and see how the painting looks. This periodical lifting will help you to realize if you need to make any immediate changes. Also, don’t tilt the glass as that will lead to dripping. Apply equal coats for the entire painting.
Now that you know how to paint on glass, start practicing soon. This article has told you how to paint, and has also given you some glass painting tips. Once you get the hang of it, you can use thicker paints. If you are wondering how to paint on ornaments, it’s the same procedure. Only this time, you’ll have to directly draw the design on the ornament. Start making those beautiful glass paintings soon.

Glass Painting Classy Look

Hues have dependably been my shortcoming. I think this world would not look half as wonderful, if not for hues. That is to say, simply envision a world that was quite recently high contrast (I know they are hues as well, however you realize what I mean). In this way, I fuse as much shading as I can in nearly everything. Particularly with regards to finishing my home. I think any home looks completely sprightly and inviting in the event that it has dynamic hues to enliven. If not completely, no less than a dash of shading to take away the boring and dull feeling from the house. Also, the same goes for the articles in the house. I’ve found an awesome approach to incorporate my affection for hues in my home. I simply experiment with new and fascinating glass painting thoughts! Need to know more about it? Simply read ahead.

Wine Glass Painting Ideas
You’d never thought of this before? Well, now you can try it. Get out the old wine glasses that you don’t use anymore. Doesn’t matter if they are mismatched. The more mismatched, the better, I’d say! Alright, now that you have them, think of a pattern that you would like to use on them. Hand painted wine glasses look simply gorgeous. Either use the same design, or think of different designs for each glass. Since the circumference is not really big, go in for small designs. Choose from any of the following,

A Pattern of Circles
Ladybird Bugs
A Pattern using Curves
Tiny Flowers
Bows and/or Hearts
Tiny Butterflies
Small Birds
Faces Showing Different Emotions
Plums and Peaches
Candy and Chocolate
Apples (red and green)
Lemons and Chillies
A Bonfire (paint only the bottom of the glass, to give it the flaming effect)
A Bunch of Grapes
An Alphabet (or all alphabets)
Gift Boxes
Small UFOs
Polka Dots
Sun Glasses
Chess Pawns

Paint these on the glasses. Just try not to use a color that will clash with that of the wine. Your wine glasses will have a lovely makeover. Instead of wine glasses, you can try a similar experiment on martini glasses too!

Window Glass Painting Ideas
Ah! What a perfect idea to engage your kids in. Ask them if they’re open to having the windows of their rooms painted. If yes, then great! And if no, then, well try another room that you like instead. Okay, so before you start, sit the kids down and ask them for some ideas that they have. If not, then choose from the following ideas.

Their Favorite Animal
An Angel
Giant and Small Butterflies
Favorite Superhero
Favorite Flowers
A Bumblebee
An Octopus
A Symmetrical Design
An Oriental Lamp
The Sun
A Clown
Fish in a Pond
A Snowman
A Portrait
A Scenery
A Fairy
Cactus Plants
The Solar System
A Jungle
A Phoenix

Try any of these, or some classic mosaic patterns on your windows. They’ll look fabulous, especially, with the sun’s rays filtering through the designs. Use the appropriate colors to enhance the beauty of this ancient art that has been brought down through the ages.

Those were some glass painting ideas that I could think of. Hope they helped. Make sure you follow the right glass painting tips, while doing it. Apart from windows and wine glasses, you can also try these ideas on any glass objects that you want; like vases, jars, bottles, lanterns, trays, etc. So go ahead and give your home a classy glassy look!

Install a Stained Glass Window Safely

Glass windows convey a feeling of panache and complexity to the range where they are introduced. Nonetheless, considering the impacts that a glass window offers, all are in wonderment of them and need them introduced. A variable that may hinder the aims of introducing a glass window is its establishment. One will undoubtedly feel that the establishment assignment is vexatious and a ton of time must be contributed for the same. On the off chance that you are not of this sentiment, you are certain to hear a reword of this announcement from an expert specialist. All things considered, I might want to accept and securely express that the errand is not an extremely troublesome one; you may bear to do this all alone and introduce a recolored glass window. All you need is the material specified underneath and some constancy. In this way, how about we begin.

Introducing Stained Glass Window

The material required to install a stained glass is given below. You may not possess all of these and you may have to look for them in the market. Carry this list when you make a trip to the market and slash out the material that you have purchased.

Material Required

☞ Stained Glass Window
☞ Gloves
☞ Putty Knife
☞ Caulk
☞ Painter’s Tape/Double-sided Adhesive Tape
☞ Small Cloth or Toilet paper


Get Rid of the Stops
If you have a wooden frame, the stops are generally installed through nails. Thus, one needs to unbolt the nails and remove the stops gently. Ensure that you are gentle enough, so as to not break the stops or damage them in any way. If the material of the frame is vinyl, you may uninstall the stops by sliding a putty knife through the frame and the window edges. For a better judgment, mark the places from where the stops were removed.

Remove the Old Glass
When the stoppers are off, you are free to remove the window; and how do you do that? Well, it is easy. Take a putty knife and with the minuscule gap that exists in between the frame and the window, glide the knife. As a result of this step, you will have the tape slit off and the window would be off its edges. There are chances that the window may fall off from the other side. To be on a safer side and avoid messing up the procedure, have a friend or a family member to stand on the other side of the window. He will be able to hold it and prevent the breakage.

Preparation for Installation
When you have bought all the material and you are ready to install the glass window, make sure that you place the window after cleaning the window panes. For this purpose, a soft cloth or a toilet paper would be ideal. Before you start off with the installation, wear a mask and gloves so that you are not hurt by any pieces or any fragment that is chipped. Take the stained glass and hold it well to confirm that the glass fits the window pane well. Make sure that the tape that had been applied on the rim is slit off from the frame. There should be no reminiscence of the tape or any material pending from the earlier window frame.

Securing the Frame
When you are done with cleaning of the frame, apply a film of caulk. Make sure that the film you apply is consistent and is not too thick nor is it too thin. You will invite trouble by making the edges unsuitable for the installation of the frame.

Installing the Window
Now, as you have your window frame cleaned, you are ready to install the window with ease. With the caulk in place, you could place the stained glass window and press it lightly. With the painter’s tape or a double-sided tape, strip one side of the adhesive foam and apply it thoroughly around the edges of the frame. After you are done doing so, place the stained glass in between the edges and attach the tape to the glass edges as well. When you see that the tape has been affixed, you may secure the tape well by pressing it thoroughly. Check if the surfaces are clean and do not have major marks or fingerprints showing through the window surface. Look out for traces of dust particle or finger prints at the edges. Clean them if they exist, as cleaning them post-installment gets tough.

Culmination Steps
When you are done, go onto the other side of the window and look for any discrepancies. Press the stained glass to affirm that it is secure from all sides and well affixed to the tape. If it is a wooden frame, you will have to fix the stoppers as well. With the marking, you can fix them as it is and have your stained window installed.

If you are unable to install the glass window all by yourself, you may well not get too worked up and have the procedure carried out with ease by letting a professional do the job for you.